Methods Of Locating Underground Utilities

There can be a number of reasons why you need to dig your ground. However, this can be dangerous and destructive. You might not anticipate it but most of your pipes and wires pass through the ground and are very likely to get damaged if you dig without thinking. Thus, in order to ensure your underground utilities are safe, get them located. There are a number of underground services locating utilities that you can contact, especially if you need to get your drains and pipes cleaned.
Here is how you can locate underground facilities.

Acoustic Pipe Locating – This pipe sends waves down into the earth and then makes sense of the patterns made in return. This is how it deciphers the location of pipes.
Ground Penetrating Radar – By using pulses of high frequency, the depth and location of pipes is measures. The phenomenon of the wave hitting the pipe and bouncing back is used for the measurement here.

Vacuum Excavation – Perhaps the most common of all methods, vacuum excavation is used to suck in the soil to lay bare the pipes underground without causing any destruction.

Dowsing wires – though it does not tell the thickness of the pipe, this informal method can roughly locate underground pipes.
There are still other ways in which underground facilities can be located like electromagnetic utility locator.