Major Appliance Repairs Vs Small Appliance Repairs In Marietta GA

Today in our kitchens, laundry rooms and homes in general, we have a wide range of appliances ranging from the small ones to the major types of appliances. Smaller appliances tend to be cheap with shorter lifespans while the major appliances tend to be the most expensive and some have longer lifespans of about 15 years. There are also numerous appliance brands in the market today, which determine prices and lifespans of appliances, and that are also important considerations as well when it comes to the question of replacing or repairing appliances – in Marietta Georgia.

Major appliances are worth to consider fixing

Refrigerators, freezers, Ice makers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens and microwaves are some of the major appliances that are worth fixing if they break down. This is mainly because they are expensive appliances that also tend to have longer lifespans with dishwashers lasting for about 6 years and ranges lasting for 15 or more years. So in most cases instead of throwing away these appliances if they break down you can consider repairing them to possibly extend their lifespans.At any given point you only have to consider if the cost of repair is reasonably affordable compared to the price of buying a new appliance. If the appliance repair cost is less than 50% the price of a brand new appliance, then you can go ahead with the repair instead of replacing the appliance.

Small appliances are best replaced than repaired

Countertop microwaves, standalone ice makers, mixers, blenders and other small kitchen appliances may not be economical to repair, so in most cases homeowners should just consider replacing them. Small appliances tend to be cheap so their prices when brand new are still within the range of the appliance repair prices. For an appliance that costs around $200, it doesn’t make sense to fix things for any price above $100, which is around the same price for a service call fee to come and check the broken appliance. So for small appliances and also given their shorter lifespans you just need to use them until they break down then simply throw them away.